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Fuel Tank Repair


Dirty Pitted Tank

Layer of sludge with corrosion underneath

There are all kinds of sites and videos about do-it-yourself tank repair. This isn't one.

As with tank cleaning, there is no single way of repairing a leaking fuel tank. A Precision Fuel Solutions fuel tank repair,  installing a fuel tank liner, is your safe, clean, affordable solution for fuel tank repair in Seattle, or wherever your marine or generator fuel tank is located.

After we evaluate a particular situation and decide on a plan of action, the first step we take is to provide protection for the boat and environment.  Next, we clean the tank to a stage necessary to thoroughly inspect it to determine how, or even if, it should be repaired. Most tanks can be repaired and at a fraction, (often a small fraction), of the cost of installing a replacement.

Repaired Tank

Tank bottom impervious to further corrosion from the inside

In the majority of cases the leak is caused by corrosion under the sludge at or very near the lowest point in the bottom of the tank. This corrosion is almost always caused by the acidic waste from microbiological growth, water, and fuel break-down. The how and why of these are available all over the internet. The important thing is that corrosion in a dirty metal tank is a fact and, if not stopped by cleaning, biocide, proper fuel care, and possibly a preventative liner, will eventually cause a leak.

The good news is that in most cases the tank can be repaired at a fraction of the cost of a replacement. A future problem can also be headed off by installing a liner in a tank that is badly corroded but not yet leaking.

Precision Fuel solutions uses a few proven repair compounds, each suited to a different situation. If applied properly, which is what we do,  one of our repaired tanks can easily outlast a new tank. On a "Full Service Tank Repair" where we are able to reach and repair all the corrosion found, per our recommendations, we have not seen our liner fail yet. 

Most tank repairs can be completed in 1-2 days.

If possible, we prefer to look at every leak situation in person to provide the most accurate estimate.


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Cleaned but Pitted Tank

Pits likely to deepen without repair

A Leaky or Corroded Tank