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Les grew up on a fishing boat and a homestead in Alaska. On the off season he got a degree in diesel technology, worked as a diesel mechanic, designed and built boat trailers, and became a sought after artist and craftsman. 

His past experience, plus years of specializing in fuel tank cleaning and repair, help him and his crew come up with solutions to the most difficult tank and fuel system problems.

Les is also a certified "Shipyard Competent Person" and API (American Petroleum Institute) certified. 

As the Service Manager  and Lead Technician at his former employer  he was responsible for the successful completion of projects for dozens of large companies and government agencies in Washington and Oregon as well as multitudes of  individual boat owners and small businesses.


Our  primary service area is the Seattle area from Olympia to Bellingham.  For marine work often it is most cost effective to bring the vessel to a marina or boatyard near us.  However, we will travel throughout Washington, Oregon, and Idaho for shore based tanks and for marine tank repair nationwide, including Alaska.



Free estimates        

Please provide as much detail as possible about your service needs to help us develop an accurate estimate or decide if a on-site visit is necessary. 

For fuel tank repair service, tank cleaning, or bilge cleaning,  pictures are often helpful.

Depending on the issue, information might include- tank size, tank material,internal baffle layout, how much fuel in tank, how old fuel system is, biocide use, generator model and size, engine type and size, boat size, and some general history.

For oil and filter changes this would be engine model #, numbers on filters, filter brands, capacities, and how many engines.


Wherever the problem may be we can probably get to it and complete the work it needs.

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Les Newell





Les Newell


Mobile Oil and Filter Service  



Our normal hours on-call are:

8am-5pm M-F.

Due to the nature of the business  we are flexible though and will try to accommodate customers time frames.

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