Water, oil, fuel, coolant, and miscellaneous dirt and junk will  eventually accumulate  in the bilge of even the most well cared for boat. The water, whether salt or fresh, also becomes very corrosive over time.  If the bilge is not cleaned periodically it won't be long before the limber holes are clogged, the bilge pump fouled, or worse yet, an oily slick pumped out and surrounding the boat and then a call from the marina manager.

That is not the phone call anybody wants to get!     A drop of diesel every five seconds is well over a gallon a week!

A couple gallons of diesel on top of a little water and that will foul the entire bilge, or the marina!

Whatever the cause, we can take care of it before or after that phone call.

Precision Fuel Solutions can pump and vacuum out the oily water, steam clean/pressure wash, as well as degrease and deodorize the area. We can also degrease the engines and gears and touch up paint where needed.

We prefer to do a complete, bow to stern bilge cleaning, but will clean to any stage the customer requests.  As with our other services, protecting the vessel, whether a commercial fishing boat or a multi-million dollar yacht, is our first priority.  Sensitive electrical components, as well as carpet and decor, are shielded to assure no damage.We will tailor the method of cleaning to the overall situation.

Sometimes a bilge/engine is an oily mess and we have to use a hot (180 Degree+) pressure washer. Other times we may just use a small low pressure washer or a brush. A steam cleaner, hot water pressure washer, or high pressure washer is is often good at removing paint as well as oil and dirt. We are very good at tailoring a cleaning method that is as clean and safe as possible, for both the vessel and environmentally. 

And, of course,  if the mess is caused by a fuel system leak  we can fix that also, whether in the tank or plumbing. By taking tank bottom samples and inspecting the plumbing we can often head off a bad situation.

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