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Tank Removal and Refit

We will clean a tank to any stage a customer requests. From just accessing a tank to have a look, or a full first-time in 25 years scraping,  steam cleaning and inspection.

A leaking or dirty tank can be a worrisome thing!

These are the main components that are on most marine diesel tanks and diesel generator tanks. The configuration of the openings may be different and generally a tank has either a sight glass or a internal gauge and not both, though some do.

A majority of tanks do not have access plates factory installed. Generator belly tanks almost never have them. 

Often the fill, the gauge, the pick-up, and even the fuel return are all in the same chamber of the tank. If that chamber is dirty,  the other chambers, with less movement, will  be as bad or worse.

We will clean bilge and engine rooms to any stage required. From a simple pump-out of some stagnant water, to a complete bow-to-stern degreasing, steam cleaning, and engine room detail.

We can repair most fuel tanks in boats of all types as well as belly tanks on emergency generators. We install top quality prefabricated access plates and then use whichever type of epoxy fuel tank liner is best suited for the repair.

The "Typical" Diesel Fuel Tank



Sometimes a tank is beyond repair and must be replaced. This is usually not a simple, easy, process due to the normal location of tanks- under and behind everything else.


 Bilge and Engine Room Cleaning


tank cleaning

Our main specialty is tank cleaning and repair.  By the time somebody notices that they have a dirty tank there is generally a significant amount of corrosion in the tank also.  Most times the first indication of a tank issue is clogged fuel filters. Other times it is a leak and a diesel slick in the bilge or, in the case of emergency generators, the secondary containment. With the cost of replacing tanks often  tens of thousands of dollars we provide a much less costly and less destructive alternative. Whether a tank is already leaking and must be repaired, or it is just badly corroded and will likely leak in the future,  we can provide a solution.  We can apply an epoxy liner to as much or as little of the tank as necessary and, if needed,  reinforce weak spots.

Rarely, for various reasons, it is necessary to replace a tank. A tank replacement, especially on a high quality yacht,  is usually no small undertaking. We will coordinate with other professionals,  boatyards, marinas, and the customer to ensure that the the job is completed in the most cost effective, efficient, cleanest,  and least destructive way possible.

Our other services:  bilge and engine room cleaning, oil and filter changes,  installing custom fuel polishing systems, and fuel polishing are often incidental to a fuel tank problem, but are also offered as stand-alone services for both marine and emergency generator systems.