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By the time a boat owner thinks there may be a fuel tank problem, (usually because of filters clogging in choppy seas), there is  a real mess in the tank. At this point a fuel polish isn't going to cut it.

At PFS we have a slightly different "process".

First - We survey the condition of the tank as well as possible externally, and if access allows, internally. Depending on the situation, we may take bottom samples.

Second - We tailor a method of cleaning and inspection to that particular tank and situation.  Though we mainly do diesel tank cleaning, we can also clean gas tanks and water tanks.

Third - We protect the vessel and environment from damage with plastic sheeting, absorbent pads, or whatever is necessary.

Fourth - We clean up after ourselves.

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How do you go about cleaning a fuel tank?

The best way to clean a fuel tank depends on many factors;  How big?  How full?  How old?  How dirty?  What type of tank?  What material is it made of?  How good is the access?  How is the boat (or other piece of equipment ) used ?   And on it goes..........

Because of this there is no one size fits all method or "process" that will work for all tanks, or even most tanks.  Every situation is different. Diesel tank cleaning, gas tank cleaning, and water tank cleaning require entirely different methods. If somebody accidently  puts the wrong liquid in the wrong tank.........%@#$ !!!.........we can usually solve that problem too.

We use the  PRECISE method of tank cleaning that best meets the situation and will provide the results the customer expects. If a fuel polish is sufficient to solve a problem, which is rare, then that is what we will do. If the tank needs to be emptied, scraped, and steam cleaned, then that is what we will do.  Normally, especially on marine tanks, degreasing, scraping, and steam cleaning are necessary. This is because most tank problems on boats are not discovered until they are pretty bad.